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Graduation Mulago Midwife Sulphine

Today sister Sulphine Twinomuhangi, a dedicated midwife in Mulago Hospital graduated. She was supported by Mulago Mama with a loan to complete her study.

Her comment:

"I humbly wish to appreciate Mulago Mama foundation for the financial support that made me complete my Bachelors Degree in Nursing Science at International Health Sciences University Kampala, a course of a period of 3 years. It is Mulago Mama's generous support that made me excel in research as a best student at the university on 2nd of December 2017. I am working at Mulago National Referral Hospital as a registered midwife. I thank you for upgrading my career and I promise to dedicate my time to patients and all the suffering."

Sulphine has played and an important role in reimplementing vacuum extraction in Mulago Hospital and is still responsible for the vacuum extraction "logistics" (receiving vacuum extractors from the Netherlands and overseeing sterilisation process).

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